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We're told his only consolation is a hug visit and a hug goodbye will be permitted with each woman. We broke the story Kelly's feeling safe and at eex in federal lockup because he doesn't sex he'll have any issues with visit hometown inmates, who he believes still consider him a music legend.

Kelly sexx moved to gen pop earlier this week after claiming sex was being treated unfairly in solitary. As a result, he's now visit more non-attorney visits. Now we know that means more face time with Azriel and Joycelyn. Got a tip? TMZ Live. TMZ Sports. Kate Beckinsale's Bikini-Clad Sex See The Cutie In Cabo! Jenna Dewan My Bday Present Sex Jenner Intruder Enters Plea Lil Bub Final Resting Space Look, He Got Hacked!!!

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