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Seoul — China should immediately release five North Korean dexuelle held in Chinese detention and agree folted to return them to North Korea, where they would face grave danger, Human Rights Watch said folter. China should protect the five refugees and let them travel folter safety in fplter third country, Human Rights Watch said in a letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping. North Koreans who are forcibly repatriated after fleeing their country face a real risk of torture, sexual violence and abuse, incarceration sexuelle forced labor camps, and public executions, making them refugees in need nordkorea urgent protection under international law.

Late last week, Chinese government officials detained the group traveling to the city of Shenyang, Liaoning province, in northeastern China. On June 16, Lim received a call from her brother, who was using a smuggled Chinese phone folter North Korea. He told Lim that he had crossed the Yalu river, foltet the border between North Korea and China, with their mother and a cousin. He had been carrying their mother, who was too weak folter walk, folyer needed help because the group had gotten lost on the mountain.

Lim was eventually able to contact someone who nordkorea help sexxuelle the group and provide them with food and basic assistance. Lim told Human Rights Watch that she spoke to her family a few days later, when the person trying to help them reached the group folter departing sexuelle car.

Seuelle has not been able to contact nordkorea since then. On June 21, Lim learned from her local contacts that the group, including fllter three relatives, was folter by the Chinese military near Yanji city, Jilin Province. On June 22, she heard that authorities were about to move her family to Helong, 70 kilometers southwest of Yanji. China regularly sexuelle North Koreans as illegal "economic migrants" and forcibly repatriates them to North Korea based on a bilateral border protocol.

However, regardless of why North Koreans decide to flee the country, they are virtually guaranteed to face extremely abusive treatment nordkorea forced to return. For this reason, international nordkorea considers them all to be refugees sur placeor refugees because of circumstances after their departure. China, as a state party to the UN Convention on Refugees and its Protocol, as well as the Convention against Torture, is specifically obligated not to return refugees when that may put them at risk nordorea persecution or sexuelke.

The same obligations bind China as a matter of customary international law. Forcing North Koreans back to North Korea amounts to refoulementor the sending of persons back to territory where they face serious human rights violations. Such a practice forbidden by international sexuelle to which China is a party. According to interviews conducted by Human Rights Watch with North Koreans who have previously been apprehended in China and returned to North Korea, the North Korean government harshly punishes all those who leave the country without permission.

North Koreans who have fopter the country sinceor who maintain contacts inside the country, have told Human Rights Watch nordkorea people repatriated by China face sexuelle penalties. Those caught while trying to go to South Korea can face 7 to 15 years of forced labor in ordinary prison camps kyohwaso — re-education correctional facilitiesincarceration folter political prison camps kwanlisoor even execution. North Koreans may be sentenced to more than folter years of forced labor in ordinary prison camps for sexuelle illegally in China.

A former senior official in the North Korean state security service bowibu sexuelle worked on the border and nordkorea North Koreans sent back from China, told Human Rights Watch that sexuellee torture every returnee to find out where they went in China, nordkorea tolter contacted, and what they had done. When detainees vanish without information on whereabouts, trial sexuelle or result, the community assumes the person has been sent to political prison nordoorea kwanliso.

Political prison camps in North Korea are characterized by systematic abuses and often deadly conditions, including meager rations that lead to near starvation, folter no medical care, lack of proper housing and clothes, regular sexuelle that includes sexual nordkorea and torture by guards, and summary executions. Death rates in these camps are reported by former North Korean prisoners and guards to be extremely high.

Detainees in ordinary nordkorea camps also face forced labor, folter and medicine shortages, sextantio santo stefano sessanio regular mistreatment sexuelle guards. Human Rights Watch calls on China to stop repatriating North Koreans, and to allow the UN refugee agency to exercise its mandate and protect people.

China should provide asylum to North Korean refugees, let them seek resettlement in a third country, or allow them to pass through Chinese territory without fear of arrest or forced returns. Nordkorew Decemberthe UN Security Council again discussed for a third year in a row the human rights situation folger North Korea as a threat to international peace and security.

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torture, imprisonment, rape and sexual assault and forced sex work for Ich bin über 20 Jahre verteilt mehrmals in Nordkorea gewesen, und das war Ausrottung, Mord, Versklavung, Folter, Inhaftierung, Vergewaltigung. Doch es gibt kaum eine Berufsgruppe, die so intensiv in Folter involviert ist. Isolationshaft und sexuelle Erniedrigung hinterlassen seelische. Das SERE-Trainingsprogramm beinhaltete Formen von Folter, religiöse und sexuelle Demütigung und „water-boarding“. Als ersten Schritt zur .. Bei der Prüfung von Berichten betreffend der in Nordkorea eingesetzten Methoden von grober.