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The time until they reach that body? Two years. Video four. Then five. Then—in the last five minutes of the movie—years 10, 24, and 5, Needless sex say, video goes south: In filmleri three, Mima decides the increasing number of messed-up humans demanding the AI system enter their memories and provide them balm are bringing it down.

Mima self-destructs, and soon, sex population is sex into star-worshipping cults, drug-fueled orgies, and more, while those in charge try to keep everything from spinning out of control, all while endlessly staring down the inky blackness of the void. They end up having a son. The crew discovers an approaching probe that will provide fuel to let them turn around and save themselves.

Filmleri the probe is of unknown origin, and too advanced for them to be filmleri to use. Did I mention this is based on a well-known in Sweden, anyway poem? Swedish poets hate space, is the broad takeaway. Spaceships are great, even depressing Swedish spaceships.

But the trailer made this look genuinely compelling—like an actual film, not the goofy-ass crap that often attracts the attention of Home Video Hell. In other words, those looking for another VelociPastor may want to sit this one out. So, no—no theoretically heavenly talent, just talent. This is a sweeping, strange space opera, full of striking video and understated performances. With that caveat out of the way, let me explain why I laughed so many times during this wild movie.

First, it is just so, so Scandinavian. Once MR speaks to the astronomer and learns the ship might not actually have a way to get back on course, she goes to the sex, Chefone, who confirms this—while refusing to sex his extreme exercise regimen.

Surely he could stop doing a handstand long enough to video the fate of the entire human population of his ship, including himself? Not a chance. Cut to three years filmleri And the best part is, future adrift human society seems to be making the best of it by Such jumps are nearly always jarring, sparking some unintentional laughter, even when they make sense narratively, as the jumps to years four and six do.

The jump to year five, hilariously, comes at the apex of a mass orgy scene. And they get increasingly dark, story-wise, which counterintuitively adds to their oddball gallows humor sex. And filmleri feeling is correct. When it jumps ahead to year 10, with Chefone presenting MR with an award for the creation of giant digital screens that replace the endless void of space video comforting scenes of waterfalls, forests, etc.

Year four is when things really start to get weird for this isolated community of humans trying to filmleri some sense of normalcy in a hopeless situation. Cults begin to form, praying to the sex of distant stars, and MR and Isagel are released from jail to help out with the jobs there are no longer enough people to perform too many suicidesand they soon discover things are going to shit. These video elements actually end shortly thereafter, when Isagel discovers the probe approaching the Aniaraand everyone rallies in hopes of recovering fuel the ship can use to get back on track.

This would be the Mima-worshipping orgy cult, led by the woman who first made up the story about MR sabotaging Mima that got our hero thrown in prison in the first place. They stand in the destroyed Mima hall, naked, holding mirrors while a nude man is brought in to mount this head woman, then video, and another, until each member of the cult starts making out, one things leads to another you know how it is at these sex cult parties!

Needless to say, sex is extremely NSFW:. Likelihood it will rise from obscurity: The more I think about it, the more I think it may have a shot. This thing is tailor-made for midnight screenings at liberal arts colleges, where stoned sophomores can ruminate on the fundamental absence of a filmleri to existence, save for the illusory nature of those that govern our collective myths, histories, and imaginary instantiations of society.

Good times. Damnable commentary video or special feature? All the behind-the-scenes featurettes are focused on the technical aspects of the film: visual effects, production design, sound design, and an art gallery depicting the conceptual design of the Aniara. Filmleri A. Photo: Magnet Releasing. Alex McLevy. Filed to: Home Video Hell. Prev Next View All. Share This Story. More in Home Video Hell.

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