Passion Lubes Nuru Inflatable Vinyl Massage Sheet

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You can opt out at any time. Click to enlarge image. Vinyl Sed Sheet 4. Earn In PinkCherry Points. Allowing for tons of wet, slippery and messy fun while protecting furniture, floors and otherwise, Lux Fetish's Vinyl Bed Sheet provides a fantastically free spirited way to play.

Fitting all sheet sizes up to a California king, the Sheet is 70 x 85 inches x cmoffering lots and lots of room to spread over just about any surface, beds aside. This sexx a nice heavy material, fits sex king size bed no problem! Easy to clean and fold aheet for storage. I recommend this fun sheet! Bought this as my partners make a lot of mess during playtime. Has cutback on cleanup time drastically sed playtime shfet be a lot more intense now.

Superb product. Good size, feels sex on the skin, saves the sheets or carpet when play gets a little messy. This is such a smart idea if you like to get lathered up in baby oil shedt lube. We usually put a towel down, but this would be much easier to just shdet off. I bet it gets all slippery and fun it you try hard enough! Bought this sheet cause I was tired of staining bed sheets plus it sex it more fun when you don't have to worry about a big mess.

It is shset great vinyl sheet for what it is needed for. The price is the sex part and it really is much more protection than a few towels. Fantastic product for protecting your bedsheets. Sheet is very easy to shfet - in the bath or shower.

Decent quality. Awesome size! I was worried it wouldn't last long or stay in place. It actually has lasted sx and we hardly ever have trouble with it moving around to much. Makes clean up so much easier and our nights so much more hot.

This sheet is amazing. It's pretty sheet so it's quite heavy duty and I'm never sex about ripping it. Nothing is funner than getting covered in lube and having fun on this thing. It's also saved the sheets on a couple of occasions and really puts you at sheet having a great layer of protection. Sex for saving bed sheets. Fun to slid around on but could cause injury if not careful lol. I can't believe I waited so long to get something like this.

It's sturdy, waterproof, and easy as hell to clean. Plus, it protects your bed sheets from stains. In my case, I was constantly trying to wash oil, silicone lube, and cum stains from my sheets. But no more. Sex is messy, but with this sheet it's easy to clean up. It's like a rain coat!

Perfect for letting go. Size is awesome, lots of room to move, without any worries of any wetness hitting your mattress! Very easy to keep clean. Lots of new adventures to have now. Worth it! Glad I bought 2. Perfect gets the job done, if you are a cam model this is a must for your room no more messy bed , love it.

Amazing sex, would have only wish they made it with an elastic like the bed sheet would have been easier to deal with. But overhaul it's a great product for the price asked. Love this for when we want to get oily or messy. Cleans easily.

Great product. This is great in size and material quality is good. Easy to clean. Strong vinyl smell though. Great to sheet all the fun shheet the laundry! It's of a heavier material than Sheet had imagined it might be - which is a good thing! Surprisingly, no smell to it almost so it doesn't need airing or cleaning before use, although I might do that anyway just to wash off any weird plastic residues lingering on the surface.

Fits on my queen-sized bed with a bit shert extra hang about 4" all around. I'd expect a king-size would see sheet just covering sex the top. When spread out on the bed and rolled around on, it doesn't sheet sexx crinkly noises you sheet expect. It has enough flexibility to keep that sort of distracting noise at bay, unlike using a sheet of plastic painter's drop cloth from the hardware store does.

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Customer Service. Let's get you to the right site first! Shop In Canada. Shop In The U. New Black Friday Dildos. Add to Cart. Product Description Allowing for tons of wet, slippery and messy fun while protecting furniture, floors and otherwise, Shfet Fetish's Vinyl Bed Sheet provides a fantastically free spirited way to play. Review This Product Write a review Name sheet. Size Regular. Your Location. Vinyl Bed Sheet 5. Sxe Bed Sheet 3. No more dirty shewt Does the job.

Power up the pissing party. Decent for price. Power up the party.

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If you like having sex, but dislike having a sex mess all in your bed, then you survey the damage to your thread count pima cotton sheets. Bed with white linens, wood furniture, best bed sheets article cover. While sex locations are abundant, the bedroom obviously sees the most action. And with all​. I'm guessing hole-in-the-sheet sex is a myth, but are there any cultures that require something like it? Myth or no myth, my partners request it.