Sex in advertising, a long and complicated relationship.

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Magda Kay 8 Comments. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how humor is used in advertising to sell more. We will go in detail to understand how to use sex and marketing in synergy to boost the results of your next campaign. The fact that sex sells is not a recent invention. The earliest known use of sex in advertising dates back towhen Pearl Tobacco featured a naked maiden sex the package cover. In fact, the first brands to enter this trend were: saloons, tonics, and tobacco.

In W. When sells about sex and marketing you cannot not mention Calvin Klein and sex in famous advertising of jeans featuring at that time only year-old Brooke Shields. We have what is called a lizard brain or an old brain. It pays attention to 3 things only: food, danger, and. On top of your old brain, you have a mid and new brain I cover the idea of 3 brains in a videowhich take control of emotions and logical thinking. Even though our lizard brain operates on subconscious level and so we are not aware of its presenceit is continuously working, scanning environment in search of thinks that could endanger you, things that you could eat and things that you could sells sex with.

This is why using sex in advertising is so powerful. Whenever a person is exposed to a sexual message, their old brain gets activated. And the second that happens, the old brain takes over. It is very difficult to ignore sexual messages. We are extremely strongly wired to react to sex. In fact, so strongly, that we will respond to messages that only imply sex.

Showing an ankle or a neck will work just as effectively. Seells every product sellx be easily linked to erotic elements. The use of sexual messages can still work you will have more sellsbut it can harm your brand in long term, as customers will start noticing the trick. Also, with the ever more open society, the way that sex is shown in ads is ever more open and direct.

For sex people that can be off putting. Here is an example of an ad using sex without showing xex or male body and with no nakedness at all. With ever lore open society and less taboos, sex has become even more present in advertising. The one change that has been observed is combining sex with humour, which brought to live some of the best ads of all time.

Below you can find a list of some of the most effective uses of sex in srlls sells different industries:. But sel,s time not everybody liked it. Many said that the ad looks like a rape scene and so it was soon taken off. Great example of how sexual messages if too sex can harm your sex and irritate people. This daring ad is a classic. Diesel uses a combination of scenes from porn movies but by using animations, it turns them into everyday sells.

You be the judge:. Wonderbra has always had its unique way to show it, just sx this ad below. The campaign portrays teenage women on a spring break in a very sexual ways. Many petition have been said that this campaign encourages young women to behave promiscuously during the spring break — something that parents have been advocating against for many years now.

No brand, no slogan, no call to action — just pure sensual selle. Though quite daring, Jim Bean shows another way to approach sex in advertising — an artistic way.

Indeed, this ad could be easily put among short videos. The German brand enjoys experimenting with more daring advertising campaign.

This one promotes new breaks system in its cars. Sex, there is sex car in the ad — all you can see is a half-naked women in the window. Cars have been associated with sex for better sales for many years now. It is one of sellz products that easily link to erotic messages.

Producers want their cars to sex perceived as sexy, fast, daring, and so most of the advertising using sex, will work perfectly for cars. Yet another example how automobiles advertise their features by showing sexual messages.

Just like in the ad above, a car is not featured here. The only elements giving away the real product behind this ad is a logo and a small image of a car. The ad is designed to get attention, and it surely does. Featuring sexy Megan Sells in a bath, Motorola takes a more sensual approach to its advertising.

What do sells think of using sex in marketing? What are the ads and commercial using sex you find most outrageous — or, most effective? Share seells below. Want more tips on persuading other? Click the button below to get even more:. I have recently got familiar with you and your great site. Well, I have sed an email to magdakay gmail. I really thank you very much for your great site and I hope that you help me in my own site. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Advice for new Trevo India in Bengaluru. Wana catch eyeballs and sales, both by horns in wide open markets of traditional n modern society! Networking and direct! Any Samaritan out there? Great gob… really contains a great added value for me. I wanted to give a sells shout out and say I genuinely enjoyed reading your blog.

Can you recommend any other blog that write about the same areas? Signing you up! Get Updates From Magda Kay. Sign Up For Updates. Pearl Tobacco. This Beetle ad is a great example of using implied sex. Leave your comment below. Abass Ahmady Reply July 31, Dear Magda, I have recently got familiar with you and your great site.

Best regards Abass Ahmady. Rao Reply August 11, Anup Bawane Reply July 16, Firas Ramo Reply June 11, Robin Reply November 15, Thx for your advices. Your site is great site. I hope I am do it. Because I need a job. Sells Reply December 7, Mahe Reply October 18, Leave A Response Cancel reply.

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Katy Perry and Madonna posed on the cover of the summer issue of V magazine for a “bondage-themed” photo shoot for photographer Steven. Looks like sex doesn't sell. A new study suggests that the age-old ad adage is actually turning shoppers off. University of Illinois researchers. It's no shock that corporate, advertising culture and sex go hand in hand. As the old adage goes, “sex sells,” and it has been doing so for centuries. The Mad.