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Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Verified by Psychology Today. Busting Myths About Human Nature. There are two types of ads for sexual dysfunction. For males herehere and here the images are of horses running, a man driving a truck pulling a trailer, or men with women in bathtubs, playing sportshaving drinks, walking on the beach or boating on the ocean, sails at full mast.

In each case the pitch is: take this pill and you will be ready to sex your partner will be ecstatic. Those ads send a very specific message: Men must be able to perform. Their capacity to become erect makes their women happy. Women must receive, it is their duty, sex might not give them any joy, but at least it won't hurt as much. As humans age, our interest in engaging in sexual activity wanesfor females more so than for males on average. No biggie, just part of responsibility human experience, right?

Conflicts arise when females experience more of a decline in sexual interest than males. Some have argued that this is because of a human nature where men always want lots of sex and females just want high quality partners… but substantial research debunks that simplistic explanation.

Human sexuality is very, very complex peruse the many posts on Psychology Today on the topic. The connections between desire, aging, health, stresssocial expectations and patterns of sexual activity are no exception. Stacey Lindau and colleagues examined over adults in responsibility USA. Many studies have demonstrated similar numbers.

For women, low desire, sez discomfort or pain with sex, and difficulty enjoying sex enough to climax are intricately associated with their decrease in sexual interest. How does society deal with this complex and responsibility topic? Not well. We classify responsibility as deeply disordered and men as in need of chemical assistance. HSDD in women is a deficiency or absence of sexual fantasies and desire for sexual activity that causes marked distress or interpersonal difficulty.

One of the main reasons that it causes this distress or interpersonal difficulty is that socially we expect women to be willing, and ready, for sex as much as, and sex the same ways as, men are. While there is a lot of overlap across individuals, genders respobsibility sexualities, differences are also very common. Anyone who has sex any time around males and females of any society, age, and sexuality realizes there is no simple answer to why, how and when we have sex.

Menstrual cycles, hormonal contraceptives, birth and lactation, responsibi,ity, health conditions, general stress, societal expectations, lifestyle changes, and a range of physiological and psychological issues associated with perimenopausal and postmenopausal states all can affect sexual desire and arousal.

Changes in sexual desire are not necessarily a disorder. They mostly emerge as a common part of the complexities of being a human female in the modern world.

HSDD is also found in men, although at a lower rate than women, and is also often associated with age. Male HSDD is often misdiagnosed as erectile dysfunction because of the common misconception that all men desire sex all the time. Erectile dysfunction ED is the inability of a man to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex. There is now a multi-billion dollar industry around the pharmaceuticals Tadalafil CialisVardenafil Levitraand Sildenafil Viagra which are oral remedies for ED. Side effects include a range of blood pressure and responsibility issues, headaches, blurry vision, digestive tract problems and multi-hour erections.

Just what we need. Recently, our friends in the pharmaceutical world have developed Osphena Ospemephine which purports to help peri- responsibility post- menopausal women vaginally lubricate so sex does not hurt so muchand Addyi Flibanserin which is supposed to add to sexual desire and decrease emotional stress in women with HSDD. Unlike the male targeted drugs, Addyi works more like an anti-depressantlargely on the assumptions that women are not interested in having sex with their male partners due to their neurotransmitters being out of whack.

Basically, assuming that not wanting to have sex is a form of neuropsychological disorder: women must be out of sex minds not to want to have sex with men. Especially now that the men can have hard-ons all the time. Side effects include fainting, sleepiness, dizziness, nausea, and alcohol consumption is forbidden when on it. Ooh, sexy. More than half a million men got prescriptions for Viagra in its first month on the market in The number of prescriptions for Addyi in its first few weeks of release in ?

There is no pill for human complexity. If we want to enable human sexual lives to flourish, we have to remember that it takes two responsibilitty tango. In the dance of human sexuality both partners need to participate fully, freely resppnsibility with a desire to enjoy being with one another.

Sx responsibility much more to sex than penetration, and much more to sexuality that the capacity for lubrication or erection. Rather than asking so many women to suffer out of a sense of duty or responsibility, we should seek to discover what kinds of intimate interactions might give all involved pleasure.

The answers and there will be many will benefit us all a heck of a lot more than a drug that might make us dizzy, nauseous, headachy and produce men wandering the streets with four hour erections. That's the way it's always was, and that's the way it always responsibility be. My year-old granny told me she was just as "sexed" horny as she had been at 20, just didn't want to put up with male BS anymore. I quit reading sex article as soon as I read women wane more than men. Funny how men say responsibikity and women say the opposite.

Perhaps men need to quit dictating female sexuality! Personally as I climb closer to 40 I am taking owner ship of my sexuality because it took me this long to responsibulity out how much more powerful it is than the pathetic male sexuality. I think you got it backwards. Most men I sex respondibility women were more sexual. I have yet to meet one who doesn't. Of course, your granny's excuse would have nothing to do with the fact that she's been a dried out bag of wrinkles for the past 30 years I couldn't agree with you esx I kind of feel like the other posters grandmother who said, "just didn't want to put up with female BS anymore.

I just wish they made pills so I wouldn't have to feel anything. People are so annoying with their constant need to have their emotions validated. I really love how you avoided the word "pornography" in this article. My husband and I have been married 15 years and together for sez I'm 38 and he is We have sex daily! I said it. How do we do it? We both gave up porn. We both stay active. We both have a very unusual bond that everyone who meets us acknowledges that can only be accomplished through selflessness.

We are never seperated, and never is anyone else's company preferred to ours. We have been asked if we were siblings srx than once by strangers sex of our ability to communicate without words even though I am Asian and he is Caucasian.

I know I am in a very different situation than most women, especially since I can multi orgasm outside of genital stimulation of which I give special thanks and full credit to my deeply bonded husband for. But in all honesty, I responsibility certain that this uniqueness is not that unique if we look more closely at deeply bonded pairings. Sex is mind-blowing for us, and sometimes it's just simply exercise, and sometimes it's just something to cure boredom We are so close, that we make other couples responsibilitg, and sadly, they are almost always jealous.

We never go out sex other couple anymore. It saddens me to see that humans cannot bond like this as often anymore. I have a suspicion pornograpghy is the recent culprit I am not a professional in this field of study, I'm merely responsinility regular gal, with an amazing husband who would die a hundred deaths to save me once. Sex Psychology Today. Back Find a Respponsibility. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. The Power of Boundaries Sharing personal information brings people closer together.

Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Gender Differences vs Gender Stereotypes. The Upside of Eating Together. This article is TOO intelligent. Submitted by Lon Spector on February 29, - am. My year-old granny told me Submitted by Anonymous on February 29, - pm. Women are sexual males are needy. Submitted by Marcos on March 1, - pm.

Yeah, right Submitted by lksnlk v on March 4, - pm. Anonymous wrote:. Wow, what a courageously refreshing perspective!

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Wrong. Our society leans towards a view of sex as a responsibility of partnering, for heterosexual couples this results in an emphasis on males'. Teaching teens/rangatahi about relationships, sexuality and sexual health and responsibility encourages young people to think about their own values and. I bring the cat home, toss sexual responsibility to the wind and let her run free. Sometimes she comes home at night, sometimes not. No big deal, I reason.