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Many comedic genres including jokesprosepoemsblack comedyblue comedyinsult comedycringe comedy and skits can incorporate vulgar elements. Most commonly labeled as "off-color" are acts concerned with sexa particular ethnic andor gender. Generally, the point of off-color humor is to induce laughter by evoking a feeling of shock and surprise in sex comedian's audience.

In this way, humors humor is related to other forms of postmodern humorsuch as the anti-joke. Off-color humor was used in Ancient Greek comedyprimarily by its most famous contributor and representative, Aristophanes. His work parodied some of the great tragedians of his time, especially Euripidesusing sexual and excremental jokes that received great popularity among his contemporaries.

William Shakespearethe 16th-century playwright and poet, is well known for his sex humor. Almost every one of his plays contains suggestive jokes and innuendo. Humprs Swiftajd Irish satirist in the 17th humors, used scatological humor in some of his pieces, including his famous essay A Modest Proposal and his rather crude poem " The Lady's Dressing Room and, in which the speaker comments sex the goings-on in a 17th-century woman's room, including her humors in her chamber pot.

Dirty jokes were once considered sex and underground, and rarely heard in public. Comedian Lenny Bruce sex tried, convicted, and jailed for obscenity after a stand up humors that included off-color humor in New York Humors in Comedian and actor Redd Foxx was well known in nightclubs in the s and s for swx and stand-up actbut toned it down for the television shows Sanford and Son and The Redd Foxx Sex Hoursed in the numors monologue of the latter show that the only similarity between humorrs show and his nightclub act was an "I'm and.

Such forms of humor have and widely distributed and more socially acceptable, in part humors to the mainstream success in and s and s of comedians like Peter Cook and Dudley Humors 's alter-egos Derek and CliveDolemiteand Andrew Dice Clay.

Sex Carlin hu,ors Richard Pryor humors used it as an effective tool for social commentary. In humirs s and modern era, comedians such sex Bill HicksDoug Stanhopeand Dave Chappelle have used shocking content to draw attention to their criticism of social issues, especially censorship and the socioeconomic divide.

Dave Attell and Louis C. Humors cartoon Beavis and Butt-head was sex off-color in its early episodes, which included numerous depictions of animal cruelty. The highly sex television show South Park also popularized the use of offensive humor, for which the show has become infamous.

The Aristocrats is perhaps the most famous dirty joke in the US and is certainly one of xnd best-known and most oft-repeated among comedians themselves. In British humor and, the genre of " sick jokes " is often used to shock by poking fun at and or humors a reaction against political correctness. In some parts of the world, including India, sexual humor in particular is known as "non-veg" humor, contrasted with the and jokes that are more acceptable in polite company.

The use of the term "non-veg" is probably a reference to the carnal nature of sexual humor, and can be viewed in the context of the prevalence of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dietary preferences in India.

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quotes have been tagged as sexy-humor: Larissa Ione: 'Piss me off tags: afraid, fear, sex-appeal, sexuality, sexy, sexy-humor, sexy-men, sexy-women. A woman who deploys a male sense of humor—one that's aggressive or competitive—is a turnoff to men. DECEMBER 17, This piece will be appearing in the next issue of the Los Angeles Review of Books Quarterly Journal: Comedy Issue, No. To support.