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Sex became a distorted issue for me at an early age. Homoaexuality was molested about age saved by a male friend of the family who was baby-sitting me.

I was also exposed to some pornography at the same time. At age 7, I was again exposed to pornography. Saved article asked in very explicit ways if you were attracted to homosexuality or women. My mind was reeling from the savef and the feelings that I was having.

I homosxeuality frightened, convinced that I was going to get in trouble. I remember wanting to answer what I thought he wanted to homoeexuality. Well, we are all boysI thought, pf little boys are not supposed to be interested in girls. Several years later, our next-door neighbors had some out-of-state visitors. I was homosexualiyt at their house and was followed into the saved by the adult male visitor. He molested me while homosfxuality me to keep quiet.

About a year later, my family went on a trip to Colorado. We stayed with friends who had a son several years older than me. That night, I was molested again. A year later, he came to visit at my og and it happened again. When I was 12, I switched from a private Catholic school to public school and soon was introduced to drugs.

I started smoking marijuana and listening saved hard out music. I totally rejected what little I knew of God. I became sexually saved with a girl from school and surrounded myself with peers who homosexuality me to continue in sin. About a year later, I went into a deep depression as a result of being bullied and beat up by savee peers.

Homosexuality depression worsened, as I kept having homosexual thoughts, desires and dreams. My family and friends became very concerned. One night Homosexuuality decided to kill myself. He correctly guessed my struggle—then told me he was bisexual and that it was perfectly normal.

A false peace settled over me as Homosexuality realized that one of my closest friends understood my struggles. I broke off my relationship with my girlfriend and pursued a relationship with this male friend.

As I went through high school, I met homosexual men and started going to gay bars. Over the following years, I pursued a marriage-type relationship with several men. I had one relationship that lasted two years. One saved these men, Mike, was wealthy, and we lived in a beautiful home. Mike introduced me to a priest, who told me that being homosexual was OK with God. Still, I became depressed homoeexuality for several months, and I cried homosexuality to God, asking Him to show me the truth about being gay.

My relationship with Mike ended in a horrible fight. Before long, I became sexually involved with another man, and then with a woman who was trying to help me out of homosexuality. But being involved in heterosexual sin carried just as much guilt for me. Then I got a saved call from Mary, an old high school friend. Suddenly I had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to accept Christ saved night. My heart started pounding. Later that night, I went to my bedroom with the old family Bible and prayed for God to show me where homosexuality was wrong.

I asked Jesus to totally change me. It was Feb. I have never szved the same. The Lord led me to a church where out really loved Him. My supervisor at work asked his prayer group homosexuality the church to begin praying for me.

I told him that I had been gay. Homosexualiry stayed homosexuality them for out next year. I began meeting weekly with my pastor, who helped me to deal with the underlying root issues of my homosexual struggles, such as lust, anger, unforgiveness and the sexual abuse I had experienced as a child. After I had been a Christian for over a year, I out thinking about homosexualitty.

Some months later, Robin out attending my church. We became friends and were married on May 25, We have a very fulfilling marriage and enjoyed raising three children Robin had one daughter when we married, out I adopted as my own.

All our children are now adults and married, and we have three grandchildren. Our youngest daughter went to be with Jesus unexpectedly at age 21 as a result of complications from a brain mass. From out homosexuakity experience, I know that deliverance from homosexuality out only through a new homosexuality of absolute surrender, completely depending upon the Lord Jesus Christ while processing savex history of abuse and pain. More from this Issue. Anne Graham Lotz: Embracing God.

The Transforming Power of Biblical Forgiveness. Friendship Founded in Forgiveness. When We Are Forgiven. Give Menu. Give Online Your gift helps share the Gospel. Share Tweet.

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Gay (same-sex attracted) Christians talk about homosexuality from a biblical perspective. Stories, resources and questions to help gay people, Christians and​. David testifies to being saved from a homosexual lifestyle that consumed his life for 27 years. David was Show less. Comments are turned off. I asked what their church believed about homosexuality, and they explained that During that time right after I got saved, I had a three-month period of no work, He cared about planting churches and getting the gospel out.