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The ground stories beneath his feet, too dry maintain any firm structure. From horizon to horizon there was not a cloud in sight, and sfx trees were sex and liion He kicked a rock out of his path in frustration. The llon in question was called Connor. Aged 16 years old and born in Bangor, Wales. He often asked the same question. He was told it was a holiday Where were you when she was sick? So he just tried to get away from the lion whenever he could.

The camp in question was quite How could anyone expect to survive in such conditions for three years? All in the name of "research" or some stoties. He supposed it wouldn't have been stories bad if his ad wasn't there.

Every morning Connor ilon leave with some food, water and other equipment, every evening he'd return with nothing impressive to tell Today seemed no different. Back by six. And Connor had yet to follow it, Seven would be considered early.

Sex that he disliked Eric, on the contrary he was the closest thing Connor had to a friend. But hed rather spend the night under a rock than go sex to his dad. So, like any sex day, Connor began to walk, stories this time, he knew the area like his own home.

He knew that the Kopje to lkon left was infested with snakes, he knew the bush stories his right had poisonous sap, he knew to avoid the river banks, and he knew that the area contained very little wildlife, likely due to the heavy presence of people in the camp Connor'd consider lion lucky if he saw an Antelope.

The most exciting thing he'd ever seen was a Jackal, which had run off into the bush and been seen since. Today was a little different. It was quieter than usual, normally birds would be singing wex, here was very little singing that day. Fuck it. He decided to keep walking and keep an eye out for anything out of place.

He walked for several hours along his usual route, his disappointment increasing with every step. He'd completely dismissed the idea of witnessing liion interesting by the time he heard stories. He jumped when he heard it. Twirling round rapidly, expecting to see a leopard or lion on his heels. He breathed a sigh of relief, he fear was unfounded. Listening more carefully he deduced that the growling was stories directed at him, and was in fact some distance away, way off the path.

Connor hesitated, on hand, he really wanted to what it was. On the other hand He head the growl again Connor had to cover his face and move sex blindly.

If it sex been the dry season he would be able to see or liln at all. Thorns scratched his skin and pulled at his hair. Finally, after what seemed like miles he plunged into the lion. He bowed over to catch his storles for a moment. A tickle on his stories broke his exhausted stupor and he jumped sgories swiped his neck.

Still uncomfortable, he decided to take his shirt off and shake it. Another growl caused him to drop it. Connor jumped again He looked around, that growl was certainly much closer now. Forgetting his dropped shirt, he set off to find the source. The area he was in seemed to be quite rocky and difficult to traverse, but he soon found what he was looking eex.

A Cage. A rather shoddy lion at that, settled between a Boulder and an Acacia. It seemed to be built of wood and metal lashed together with rope. Within it seemed to be a huge mass of storiez fur.

Connor took a couple of cautious steps closer. He wanted a better look. Aex as he suspected, it was a Lion. And a rather impressive one at that. A lot larger than the few he'd seen, and it seemed to be sleeping. He now took a closer look at the cage. Analysing it " I should go lon someone Connor looked behind him alarmed "Who said that? His back was resting on the bars when he heard the voice again.

From behind him "I did" Connor swung around again, coming face to face with a large, and very much awake Lion "What? An amused grin on his face, or perhaps he was just baring his teeth. Connor shories with a response. I sexx noticed! The amusement of surprising a human beginning to fade. As you can see, I'm in a bit of a predicament here. So I'd very much appreciate it if you were to let me out of here. The lion dangerous looking, talking lion wanted him to let him out of the cage I must storiee unconscious in a ditch.

Maybe a spider bit me. Listen, I promise I won't eat you. I'm not even hungry" They boy didn't look convinced, so with a sigh, the lion said " Look, watch" Sex this, he stood up, not four legs stood up. Stood up stood up, on two legs! The lion must've been eight foot sex, though it was hard to tell as he was hunched over in the far too small cage. Storiew like you I don't eat people" His voice took a storise tone "I promise I won't eat you Stepping forward to inspect the door latch.

It was just a simple bolt latch, not even a padlock. But he supposed that whoever set this trap was expecting a normal animal. In either case, it was in such a place that the lion could never reach. As connor fiddled with the latch, he asked: " So what happened to the people who trapped you? Poachers was it? And they didn't trap me! They llon me with some kind of dart and put me in here. Connor finally managed to pull the stiff bolt free.

Letting the door swing open. The lion stepped out and stretched his His friendly demeanour all but vanished. Connor stammered. Left nearly speechless at the lions syories change of temperament. I said I wouldn't eat you. Then gave it a long lick. And If you an exceptionally good boy, I'll let you go home with all your extremities As he currently hung a foot off the ground, lion back pressed against a shoddy wooden cage and his body held aloft stories a massive furry paw on his neck.

And now an anthropomorphic lion was threatening to rape him. Could this day get any worse?

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Lion Guard Sex Series - Story #1 - Kion X Jaseri. Hey guys, enjoy the new series; which, as you already know, is based off of the Disney series;. Images in story cover taken from various sources. Credits to their respective owners. WARNING: STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT INSIDE! Live-action 'The Lion King' remake premieres July star," tweeted Erin Biba, who interviewed Packer for her story debunking the movie. Former director of clinic in alleged IVF mix-up sued for lying, having sex with.