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For Businesses. Write a Review. Great decision was coming to this place. We just walked in for brunch and thought we would have to wait a long time but they didn't took long on making us room in the bar. The place is super pretty, has good music and amazing vibe.

It even beauty a dj playing music. Service was amazing they treated us really well. We did the unlimited Mimosas that was great also. The place was clean essex neat and have good lightning. You can spot the place from the street. Yelp recommend this place!! We had a reservation for 4, with 2 of us having our 50 and old birthdays traveling from Atlanta yelp Los Angeles so excited to dine here! Beautiful decor and style, however we ordered our first set of dishes The three dishes were presented very artfully.

Upon first bite we realized why they arrived as quickly as ordered. I had the first bite of the shrimp and was surprised that the fried shrimp was chilled and mentioned to our party " oh! This is chilled", as the rest of my party each had one, we discovered there were vastly different levels of heat from cold to room temperature but not freshly cooked.

We soon found that the tomato soup was also cool with the grilled cheese not as It should be. And that our dishes would be sparse and pricey, we had no issue with the expensive small and for the essex and flavor we came for.

We spoke to our waiter who was very friendly who alerted the manager beauty came to give us snarky remarks and an attitude suggesting a heat lamp was out and she would let the kitchen know.

That was enough! The defensive manager was rude but had no apology or care to make things right. Think twice before wasting your evening at this NY location. This is a fascinating restaurant with so many surprises! My husband and I came here for our anniversary and were in love with the place. The storefront is a guitar shop, but walking through the backdoor, we entered its lounge space, where we were greeted by the host.

We were then led towards the back and got into the dining room portion. It has a very unique interior design and reminded me of the Phantom of the Opera stage. And you come here, I highly recommend walking around the space; you'll notice some hidden gems, aka I don't want to spoil all the fun. Our server started us off with two glasses of prosecco to celebrate our anniversary and suggested that we ordered a variety of beauty as they will be served in family style.

I can't remember what we ordered because they were so delicious, and we "cleaned" the dishes so yelp. I didn't even have a chance to take pictures of the food, except for the dessert, which was served in a Ferris Wheel! This dessert is a must-order because it was both delicious and photographic!

Overall, we had a great experience and will definitely come back for dinner again, if not sooner for the late-night drink. We made a reservation for a group dinner and it was overall a pleasant experience. The speakeasy entrance might be too much for the most jaded but I like it because I'm into that kind of thing. It's marqueed anyway so you can't miss it. If you come early for your reservation, you can sit in the front bar area and drink before sitting down. The dining room is quite loud and dark so food photos don't come out the best, but essex a fun atmosphere to share the dishes tapas-style.

The grilled cheese tomato soup dumplings were a favorite of my friends but I much prefer the bulgogi ribeye tacos. Yelp miss the women's restroom. It's an experience on essex own. I can appreciate a restaurant's beautiful restroom too. I'm told that sometimes there is a bartender serving drinks down there but not when I was there. It was yelp a fun restroom. One of my favorites in Yelp. It can be beauty trek to get there but it's so worth it.

It has to be one of the most interesting entrances but also one of the most beautiful lounges in NYC with some of the most beautiful employees and guests. It's worth going just for a drink.

The drinks are magnificent and the environment is top notch. Just sit in the bar area and have a bite and enjoy the ambience. Since we had dinner plans I didn't really need to eat anything but the tomato soup cheese dumplings cake so highly recommended by a regular that I had to try.

The portion was huge, creative and delicious. It really is a must try and they will make it without bacon if you are not a meat eater like me. Do not leave without going to the ladies room and having a glass of sparkling rose. I need someplace like this in Houston that will rescue me if I'm on a beauty date! I essex adore this place!

Couldn't believe this place was essex popping from Essex brunch at pm. This definitely reminded me of partying in Miami with the lights, great music and friendly people. I didn't get to eat the food as we went somewhere else for lunch but the party was popping! This is a great place to beauty your birthday or celebrate achievements. Sure, the menu can set you back a pretty penny, but nothing out of the ordinary in Manhattan. Side note: our server was the friendliest person in the world.

She offered to help us take pictures before our food came and she knew the menu inside and out. I wish I got her name so I could give her a shout out. My party of six decided to get an entree each and get two tapas to share. Tuna Poke Wonton Tacos - From the raw bar. We got one order of this since it came with three tacos and not everyone wanted to have it.

I didn't have it since I don't eat raw stuff, but it looked so tiny and cute, and my friends liked it. I think they finished it in two bites. Since one of my and couldn't eat beef, they served the chunks of short ribs and the side. The mac and cheese was one of the best I've had better than Mac bar. The texture was essex perfect - not too dry but not too liquid-y. The texture was also really interesting since the pasta was bigger than normal and there were strings of veggies or noodles I couldn't tell what it was.

Honestly, the mac essex cheese was delicious with and without the short ribs, and I loved it more than my entree. Chile Spiced Dry Aged Burger - I chose this as my main but I was debating between this and the Oven Braised Chicken Meatballs but they couldn't substitute the sheeps milk ricotta, so I went for the burger. The star of the burger dish was actually the bbq flavored fries.

I also appreciated how both mayo and ketchup were served on the side. A lot of my friends also got the burger and we all essex trouble yelp it. None of the desserts stood out to us, but since we were celebrating my friend's birthday, our waitress gave her a complimentary cupcake with a candle in it.

How cute! Also, be sure to visit the bathroom 'cause it would make a cute backdrop in photos. Came here beauty the highest expectations. Left satisfied but with a few disappointments: Ambiance and interiors: wonderful Food: great, flawless. The rib tacos And tuna carpaccio were amazing. I yelp the sweet and ravioli as a main course, which was good but nothing to write home about. The beauty elixir drink was heavenly. We ordered the donuts for dessert and I absolutely loved them! Service: not great.

I had a reservation and got there on time, but, unfortunately, as I informed the host that I was there and sent me to the bar to get a drink while my table was ready. I asked how long it would take and he said "I don't know, just go there and wait". Pretty bossy for someone dealing with a client. Our waiter had a bit of an attitude as well. I think the vibe of the place is a beauty pretentious. This is the most amazing restaurant I've ever been to.

Wish I lived closer so I could constantly get a takeout order or delivery. The exterior is yelp actual fully operational pawn shop with vintage jewelry and beauty for sale. Management yelp very professional and in control of beauty aspects of the business.

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reviews of Beauty & Essex "It's the LES speakeasy that isn't really a speakeasy. "Hidden" behind a thrift shop, this multiple-story throwback bar/​restaurant is. reviews of Beauty & Essex "My fiancé was raving about Beauty & Essex about how amazing it was so when we visited Vegas.. I had to try it! Our waitress​. Reviews on Beauty and Essex in New York, NY - Beauty & Essex, Vandal, “The wife and I came here after dinner at Beauty & Essex, around 10pm on a “​Thanks Yelp for leading me to this amazing-downstairs-hard to find gem of a bar.