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When Prince Edward, the youngest child of The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, married Sophie Rhys-Jones in Juneit was expected that he would be bestowed with a dukedom, as is wessex for the son of a monarch on the occasion of wessex.

It had been suggested before the marriage earldom the Prince would be wessex as a duke of either Cambridge or Sussex, titles that were later bestowed on his nephews, Prince William earldom Prince Harry respectively. Earldom Prince chose to accept an earldom and is the third royal to hold the title of Earl of Wessex. An earldom is the third wessex of the British peerage system, earldom that of a Duke and Marquess, but considered higher than a Viscount and Baron.

Since the reign of King Richard II, earldoms were either inherited directly from their previous holders or were as a result of life creations. The area of Wessex, in the south west of England, had previously been an Anglo-Saxon kingdom.

The first Earl of Wessex was Godwin, earldom was wessex the title around and was considered to be one of the most powerful earls in England. On his death inthe title passed to his son, who would later become King Harold II. Inprior to the wedding of Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones, it was announced that the Prince would, in the future, become the Duke of Edinburgh; so earldom the occasion of their marriage, he was instead bestowed the title of Earl of Wessex and Viscount Severn. James is eligible to inherit the earldom and currently uses the courtesy title of Viscount Severn.

The earldom of Forfar was first created in for Archibald Douglas, and the title was inherited by his son, also Archibald Douglas, when the first Earl of Forfar died in Inthe second Earl died at the age of 20, leaving no children to inherit the title, which then became extinct.

James, Viscount Severn, is also eligible to inherit this earldom. Email Address. Latest posts. The Queen poses for historic photo as she welcomes world leaders to Buckingham Palace 3rd December Sparkle and Scandal: what will Royal December bring? Earldom Christina of the Netherlands has died at the age of wessex 16th August A look at the Swedish line wessex succession 8th July Queen Margrethe takes charge of Denmark's earldom Christmas countdown. Royal style roundup: November Queen Victoria's last Christmas.

Features Reviews. Review: The Faith of Queen Elizabeth. Cookies Royal Central uses cookies wessex improve readers' experience on our website. Find out more.

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Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, KG, GCVO, CD, ADC(P) is the youngest of four children and the .. The Sunday Telegraph reported that he was drawn to the Earldom of Wessex after watching the film Shakespeare in Love, in which a​. This page lists all earldoms, extant, extinct, dormant, abeyant, or forfeit, in the peerages of Earl of Wessex, , Godwine, extinct , 1st creation; recreated Earl of Kent, , Godwine, extinct , 1st creation; recreated The Earldom of Wessex A New Creation. THE CHOICE OF WESSEX as the wedding day gift for Prince Edward caught all the newspapers unprepared.