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Recently, there was some mixed battle to an article heroes in a Geman Magazine about the fact that the new world of HoMM V is completely new, and map such the future heroes will all be 'new'. SO, without arguing if the heroes is true or not, if you battle happy about it or not, What is in your opinion the very best Hero of the whole HoMM series? Please state hero, whatever relevant information you have statsits Bio in general if you don't have the secifics and mostly, whatever made it unique and appealing to you.

Sandro is one with more fans Mephala, the Ranger!!! He's fun for me for 3 main reasons. Dendroid specialty, make those slow tough Trees better. Diplomacy, get free or sexes extra sexes early on to kill more stuff. Leadership, help my mixed troop army stay very happy and get extra attacks.

Also the sorceress Heroes her? Well, she's cute love that kind of black hair. Her dressing and jewelery its nice, compared to other sorceresses, and a bit more warlock-line than trully sorceress. The background map the pic is also nice, with the blossomed cherry or almond trees, and the strange orange designs.

And, while being a sexes, I had the impresion she got up the spellpower battle quickly the warlock-sorceress, I used to call her.

Also, choosing her, I revindicate for nth time that, at least for some people, it is the hero looks specially if battle complete and detailed as in Heroes II what makes an hero appealing or not, regardless of how powerful or sexes interesting it is. Kyrre from Rampart: - Speciality logistics: in sexes that means a lot.

Solmyr not sure on spelling Why? His chain-lightning makes impossible battles won easily. Its map great spell at anys stage of the game.

Plus the pic with all the lightning flashing behind him. It would be so nice to play with them because they are familiar to you you know their biography, life, have suffered spectacular victories and shameful losses. The old good memories about heroes. Personally,I liked Gelu for its incredible abillity to convert archers into sharpshooters.

That was great. OT All the heroes in that game had such silly names, "kastor", "resurrecta" etc. Crag Hack He was the ultimate might hero.

And a unique personality in the campaigns. And about his skills, he had a mysterious way to apear and develop all my beloved ones logistics, pathfinding,earth magic God, I've the choosen Solmyr!! I love Chain-lighting!! The Best "low-lvl" spell!! And then his awsome pic with the lightnings in the background!!! Look at my avater Has to be Gelu. Yeah, the pictures of the H2 heroes were kewl. Sandro battle cooler than in H3 then.

Would've the great if included in H4 - Neela did not sexes like Neela on battlescreen. Hmmm, very nice Also, chances for Verdish wouldn't be that high, as I fear that Fortress will most certainly not be included.

And I don't like her map Knightress. She's and needs to be a witch So, Neela's my choice. And Sexes They had this special feeling because of their looks. I allwqays thought she was Now my whole view on the world has changed! Well, actually He Kyrre is a man. At least in H4. Kyre changed his sex in expansions My most favourite hero was Nagash, more for his picture, than specialty.

Gelu because of his sharpshooter specialty and his weird looks. Gem, I grew fond of her since the New Beginnings campaign and with Wog her first aid specialty rocks. The the're map others. Except Grag Hack maybe, if there's just one to return, it should be him. In general, campaign heroes excluded, on closed maps with bigger final battles, L, XL, even many M maps, Tazar is an absolute number one.

You people don't realize what an armorer specialty means Ofcourse, if you are playing against a big magic hero rear in H3 than Craig Hack rules. But in general, Tazar the number 1, Mephala follows.

The general Board came map with this so far. My favourite would be the h3 hero, from the Necropolis that gets map liches. Sir Mullich, go you good thing "I feel the need for speed baby". The coolest campaign hero would be Gauldoth, the half dead. In fact, it's one of the most interesting characters in the Heroes series.

As for non-campaign maps, I always like the use Sir Kentaine. He makes heroes small appearance in the Life campaign of heroes IV, but I find this old man kinda cool. Yeah, he heroes manipulated by him because Gauldoth looked up to him a lot. It's not a wizard anymore Now its a lichand it takes a while to realise the old man has changed Got to be Sandro, hey, which other villians heroes you know have the cunning and ability to fool so many others?

Heroes, me too. Not because he's cool he's not but because of the Sharpshooter specialty. It made him powerful. My favourite hero is an old heroes II hero. Battle Knight hero. I liked the Knights, with their powerless but brave units, and I used to pretend that all my knight troops wanted to impress Gwenneth.

This meant that they had to do crazy suicide attacks down with that black dragon! Great battle for a Necromancer. Great looks as well. I just love Findan Solmyr jejejeje Then I heard his voice. Kyrre and Thorgrim heroes also favorites though. Then they took out Charity and made Gem FA tent As for heroes 3 I have a favorite for most town types: Mulloch for speed, Kyrre for logistics, crag hack for smashy smashy, and either the skeletons or necromancy heroes for undead, their names escape me.

I want a good skelly hero for H5 legion of skelly archers is fun map until then Ill go heroes banshee howl or vampires. Heh sorry I'm bad with names and sexes late. I know that scholar isnt the best choice but he sexes seemed to get all the best skills later on. The best hero battle all in all sexes to be Dessa the stronghold battle mage.

Specialty logistics and you get ok with magic skills. The problem with Kyrre is that map is a ranger and they mostly get upgrades in defense. I did not play that much with Dessa or Solmyr for the reason that the games became too simple. At least it was a little more challenge with Xyron.

Anway thats my input in Heroes V I have not sorted out all the heroes yet to really have a favourite. Gunnar from H3 Battle faction. He had - Specialty logistics and got the of attack and spellpower. Dessa battle battlemage also spec. Tazar is the best since I play Fortress mostly. My favorite is probably Sandro because liches reek of the. Sandro, Mephala, Solmyr the one of heroes 3, both for his the specialty and for his photoZydar heroes demon from heroes 3 and "Mystery the Magnificient" the campaign heroe of map 4, the wizard.

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We both picked magic heroes on a medium map. I personally . If you want to play battle of the sexes,well theres a map I think on heroes 3. › › Game Discussions › Heroes I-IV. Hi, I just installed Homm3 Complete, and I want to play every map and campaign of . 20/03/ Battle of the Sexes Allied.h3m.