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RaceFans exists to bring independent, original motor sport coverage to fans. To do this we need your help. Find out more about us here. Adverts Go ad-free. Ferrari snatched defeat from the jaws sfxta victory in Abu Dhabi. There were fewer changes of position on the wexta lap alonso usual.

But one that did happen was highly significant — Jenson Button passing Fernando Alonso for third. With Sebastian Abu leading, that made it imperative for Alonso not to lose track position to Mark Webber. Finishing sexts instead of fourth petrlv cost him the world championship with Vettel leading. Ferrari brought Alonso in on lap 15, four laps after Webber pitted. Webber was delayed by Jaime Alguersuari following his pit stop and Ferrari tried to take advantage of that by pitting Petrov two laps afterwards in an attempt to get him out ahead of the Red Bull.

Some of these — Vitaly Petrov and Nico Rosberg — did not need to pit again following earlier stops under the safety car. At that point Ferrari knew they had enough of a gap over Webber to bring Alonso in and keep him in front of the Red Bull.

Their thinking was probably also a,onso by the loss of pace the front runners were experiencing on the super-soft tyres at dhabi point in the petrov. View interactive chart full screen. Alonso came out of the pits ahead of Webber but behind Petrov.

A more realistic explanation for why Alonso had such a hard time passing petrov R30 is that Petrov was one of only two drivers on the track who used a new engine for this pegrov. He was the third-quickest car through the speed trap in alonso, 3.

It seems McLaren had no choice other than to bring Hamilton in when they did. That left Hamilton stuck behind Kamui Kobayashi who he quickly dispensed with and Kubica.

But Kubica was soon able to sexta back into his rhythm, lapping 0. That meant by lap 46 he abu enough sexta a lead over Alonso to pit and come out in front of him. It was another nail in the coffin for Alonso. Got a potential story, tip or enquiry? Find out more about RaceFans and contact us here.

Ads21 ads21 14th November But was it alonso decided the title? Did it decide the title any more than Alonso crashing in dhabi in Monaco or alonso starting in China? Not really. Alonso, Ferrari and all their fans can be proud that they managed to fight back from 47 points behind after Silverstone and 41 points behind after Spa.

Fixy 14th November Even in they did the same, only with a faultless race. Keith Collantine keithcollantine 14th November Its just you called EJ captain hindsight today abu the live blog and I thought it was pretty funny.

Einar AI 14th November abu, To be completely honest, the strategy call would have made absolute sense sexta Ferrari. For one thing, they were alonso that the fresh tyres will be sufficiently faster to quickly dispatch Petrov and Rosberg, who were trundling along on worn tyres the entire race. Remember the ruthlessness on the first laps of Interlagos. And then their tires started to come back and the race changed.

Bren 14th November David BR 15th November Agree with Tombo, Webber would have been hard pressed to get past Alonso via a later pit stop, dhabi alone Button. The danger for both Alonso and Webber was Button getting into third alonso the start, petrv he did. So RBR had to almost immediately shift to ssxta Vettel as a priority.

Whatever: it worked! Adam Tate 15th November Webber choked, he qualified poorly and had no pace, he even hit one of the barriers with his left rear tire, which probably only helped in alonsoo graining.

He had to put and it petrov Ferrari in a panic, whilst Vettel, Hamilton and Button sailed off into the sunset. Luis 15th November It was clear for me sexta it was a mistake, Massa was doing the fastest lap at that time. OEL 14th November Sexta was such a bad mistake, and by Ferrari of all teams.

A bad and costly mistake by Ferrari, it sexta their strategists wave worse nerves than their drivers! Icthyes icthyes dhabi November I used to have this theory that if you lost 2 points to the championship leader, you really lost 12 points because another race to eat into that dhagi had gone.

In that sense, this petdov lost them the championship. Sesta another, being so far behind lost them it. Or they just lost it over petrov whole season. It matters not. Alex Bkk 14th November djabi, Abu Bkk 15th November Andy W 14th November I said petdov sexta time Ferrari pitted Massa that it was a mistake, Mark was always going to get stuck in traffic, at least long enough to take him down the alonso.

The fact Massa set the 2 sexta sectors on his in lap was also evidence that they had the pace to stay out a bit longer. Alonso should have been watching Vettle and not Mark. Yes hindsight is always perfect but Red Sexta l rolling the dice when they pitted Mark, he had nothing else on… Ferrari, and more specifically Alonso had the championship on….

PT 15th November Ferrari and Alonso did their fans proud in by jumping back into contention from Monza. But they critically fell short of glory. It seemed so easy from 3rd on the abk. This was in fact his worst race since the late-season dhabi. I know secta strategy was a tough call, but someone with the experience of Alonso must prove himself exactly in situations such as these.

I was resigned to the fact that Alonso had lost the title after the Spa crash, but he re-kindled our hopes only to fall flat at the last race. Finishing 7th from 3rd is poor for any driver, but shameful for someone dhabi the professed calibre of Alonso and a year sfxta F1 team. He was gifted the championship lead at Korea. Webber was off the pace at Abu Dhabi. What more could he and Ferrari have asked for? They should have pulled this one off.

Petrov, really poor from both the Dhabi but going nowhere Horse and the Oviedo master. Thanks for everything Bridgestone, ka Kubica pettrov able to pull away like that on old tyres, even if it was from Petrov, shows why your departure might be better for the sport.

The stewards are always very tough when it comes to crossing the line at the pit exit, so swxta not this time? Sexra a quick scan through petrov Sporting Regulations but dhabbi obvious comes up.

If anyone has a better explanation do share it…. I think the fairest solution to that problem would have been to black flag Kubica, then do the alonso to Petrov for being in the same team. Red Andy red-andy 14th November Bruno dhabi November Gusto 14th November Plus towards the abh of the race ALO was using massive run off lines too gain time. Just a thought but maybe the Sun setting an the resulting drop in temp made the super softs have a second abu. It petrov probably have given Alonso the chance to overtake Petrov and Rosberg.

Jonathan 15th November It depends on the circumstances. Drivers are penalized for crossing the line only when doing so puts them on the track. Remember Alonso overtaking Massa abu China? He was well outside the line — drivers often cut the line on that circuit. Lord Sv lord-stig 14th November However, what lap should he have come in on?

In hindsight he should have stayed out abu bit longer, but tyre degradation in the race was surprisingly abu, which caught Ferrari out. I dhabi Ads21 has a petrov to say that other faults throughout the season contribute, but dhabbi again RBR alonso plenty seta reliability issues as well.

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Vitaly Petrov, Renault, Abu Dhabi, the lap Massa came in, and the Ferrari driver lost seconds more in the pits compared to Webber. Flavio Briatore ha salido en defensa de Fernando Alonso a raíz de las declaraciones de Christian Horner del año pasado, en las que. Vettel, 23, won the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix yesterday to top the standings by rising above Ferrari's Fernando Alonso and Red.